In Face of Hardships…

Since man is composed of body and soul, whatever happens in his physical life has repercussions in his spiritual life, and vice-versa. It is important for us to know how to elevate both realities concomitantly.

Justice delays, but never fails…

Justice is one of the divine attributes most often mentioned in Sacred Scripture. It is already evident in the first sin of Adam and Eve, through the maximum penalty applied by the Creator: the loss of grace and Paradise. Clemency was millennia in coming, but the reward was worth the wait: the Son of God himself would be offered as ransom. To atone for the fault, Christ became like us in all things except sin (cf. Heb 4:15). He who …

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Become like Children

The three Wise Men did not see the Child ruling over demons or raising the dead. Rather, they found a child placed in the care of his Mother. In this way, what the sound of His voice did not yet proclaim, the simple sight of Him taught them.

A Symbolic Sweet

That year the Christmas concert was at last a success! The brilliant result of the experiment made it a tradition. From Germany, the candy canes spread all over Europe, becoming one of the most symbolic Christmas ornaments.