Education and Formation

To evangelize is to proclaim the Good News; to do this one must already know and live it. It is not enough just to know it, one must also how to convey it to others. The first way of sharing the Good News is in the very manner of living a Christian life.  But to ensure the growth of the planted seed, one must also know how to respond to questions individuals ask about the Church and Catholicism, the faith and how it gives meaning to life, the path indicated by Beauty, Truth and Good in a materialistic world where the number of souls is ever increasing who are indifferent towards religion.

That is why the formation of a Herald is such an important aspect of his or her life. It is also important for them that it be more than just a moment, a phase, or a stage, since formation is always ongoing and growth is continuous. Nonetheless, it takes on different forms along the life of a Herald.

* – Boys and girls, young men and women gather for weekend activities in separate youth centers, where they can participate in catechesis, meetings, games, and other group activities, and share a meal in common. Here the first opportunity for a vocational experience occurs. (more details)

* – In primary and secondary schools, students are offered a quality education in a solidly Catholic setting, deeply imbued with the charism of Heralds of the Gospel. Some of these educational institutions are day schools and others are boarding schools, where the daily schedule is divided between homework, prayer and community life, and which includes a more advanced course of training and formation.  During the holidays and regular seasonal vacations, summer courses and other cultural exchanges are organized with the youth centers. (more details)

* – While in the seminaries, formation becomes more specific and focused, and is oriented to evangelization and to pastoral ministry with ample opportunities for practical experience in alternation with classroom study. (more details)

* – Those who are called to teach will continue their studies at the post graduate level: whether it be to obtain a master’s degree or licentiate, or a doctorate, the specific subject matter will normally determine the choice of the university, even in a foreign country. (more details)

* – Regardless of the academic degree obtained by a Herald, everyone will continue to participate in continuing education and formation through organized conferences, seminars and workshops, which are aimed to keep the member abreast of new developments and deepen their skills and understanding so that their work may be more productive and effective. (more details)

Holiness and wisdom are two inseparable elements of every true Christian and exemplified for us by the Divine Master. An example which every Herald should strive to the utmost to put into practice.