Primary and Secondary Schools

Many families have personally witnessed the wholesome benefits their children have received from participating in activities promoted by Heralds of the Gospel. Because of this some insisted that the educational activity of the Heralds be expanded to include full-time schools, in which their children can study in an academically challenging setting where academic excellence is complimented by an environment permeated with the healthy charism of the institution.

At the service of the family

Out of this desire numerous primary and secondary schools have been established in many cities where Heralds of the Gospel carries out its apostolate, whose goal is to provide conditions for learning in which moral and intellectual development is an extension and in harmony with the Christian formation that should first be given in the family. The importance of this cannot be underestimated, for of what value is a wholesome family environment, when so many other places frequently espouse values completely at odds with what is learned at home? An example of such a school is Lumen Veritatis Academy located in Ontario, Canada.

Lumen Veritatis Academy from Lumen Veritatis on Vimeo.

Little by little these schools have become attractive hubs for families who wish to provide their children a solid human, intellectual, moral and spiritual formation. In them young people have the opportunity to obtain a thorough education in all areas of learning, to become productive citizens and to acquire the knowledge and the courage to be effective witnesses to their faith.

Exchange Programs

A wide variety of cultural activities are undertaken by the students and without lessening the pace of the classroom, over the holidays and semester breaks exchange programs will be organized with sister schools in other nations operated by Heralds of the Gospel and its affiliates. These trips allow the students to broaden their horizons, to deepen their sense of the universality of the Church, to create a greater awareness of the world around us, and to nourish their culture in general.