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Voice of the Popes

Paradigm of Motherhood

In Mary, Eve discovers the nature of the true dignity of woman, of feminine humanity. This discovery must continually reach the heart of every woman and shape her vocation and her life.

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A Living Light

Sacred Scripture abounds with uplifting accounts of holy women, such as Hannah, the persevering mother of Samuel; Elizabeth, the faithful mother of John the Baptist; and especially the Virgin Mary,

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It Was Worthwhile to have Wept!

There is “a time to weep,” says Ecclesiastes, and there are tears for each time, we might add. Tears are part of human life after original sin, and sometimes they take on a supernatural character. How?

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Gospel Commentary

The Indestructible Chair

Peter’s confession of faith, inspired by the Father of Lights, makes the Church an unbreakable rock against which crash the arrogant waves of error. No man will be able to destroy it or even shake it, for it is Christ who founded it.

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