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House of God and Gate of Heaven

Who, among the children of Adam, is free of defect? Physical flaws, moral shortcomings, character deficiencies… everyone is subject to some imperfection! Everyone, except Mary.

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Voice of the Popes

Let Us Learn from the Teachings of St. Thomas

The effort of the human mind – Aquinas reminds us with his own life – is always illumined by prayer, by the light that comes from on high. Only those who live with God and with His mysteries can also understand what they say to us.

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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The Perfect Priest

From the expulsion from Paradise until the coming of the Redeemer, humanity glimpsed in imperfect figures the Absolute Pontiff, in whose power of mediation all the priests of the New Law would participate.

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Gospel Commentary

All or Nothing…

Faced with the captivating beauty of the Son of God and the extraordinary gift of being called to the Kingdom of Heaven, we must completely renounce whatever separates us from this end, and give all, or we will have given nothing.

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