Voice of the Popes

Decisive Hour in History

Crowning the statue of Our Lady, you have made a pledge of filial and constant correspondence to her love. You have done more: you have enlisted crusaders for the conquest of her Reign, which is the Reign of God. And in this struggle there can be no neutral or undecided parties.

Become like Children

The three Wise Men did not see the Child ruling over demons or raising the dead. Rather, they found a child placed in the care of his Mother. In this way, what the sound of His voice did not yet proclaim, the simple sight of Him taught them.

The Sin of the Century

Contemporary man lives under the threat of an eclipse of conscience, leading to the obscuring of the sense of God and the disappearance of the sense of sin. This crisis can only be resolved by a clear reminder of the principles that the moral teaching of the Church has always upheld.