Our Lady in Los Angeles

The Heralds of the Gospel went to Los Angeles, California for two Marian Missions. Where Our Lady dispensed an abundance of graces and touched many hearts.

This December, the Heralds of the Gospel helped two parishes in Los Angeles, California. Each mission was a week long, during the which many sacraments and pastoral activities were offered to all parishioners, as a preparation to the culmination of the mission:
The Consecration of the Parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Solemn Coronation of the Pilgrim Statue.

Each parish welcomed the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima with a Mass, in the which each parish priest expressed their desire for Our Lady to bless all the parishioners and bring them closer to Her Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Our Lady visits 200 families!

Throughout the mission, the parishioners had the opportunity to receive the Pilgrim Statue in their homes.
Upon arrival, the families would joyfully receive the Statue and sing hymns. Then, placing all their intentions in the hands of Our Blessed Mother, the families would pray with the Heralds and then receive a blessing from the priest.

Despite the short time Our Lady had to visit each household, for there were over 200 homes waiting, the families received many blessings and graces.

Not only did Our Lady obtain many favors for the families, but also invited them to participate fully in the mission, by receiving the sacraments that were being offered daily. Most especially, though, was to prepare and invite as many people to the Consecration of the Parish to the Immaculate Heart.

These visits were done daily, both in the morning and the afternoon. Parallel to the other activities that were held in each respective Church.

And the stores near the parish, too!

Talking with the parish priest, and guided by Our Lady, the Heralds of the Gospel took the Pilgrim Statue to the nearby stores and businesses.

These visits were completely different from the homes, for these visits were not planned!

Surprised and enchanted, the business owners, employees and even customers, received an invitation to participate in the mission.

In some cases, even, people received a gentle smile from Our Lady to come back to Church.

Daily Adoration, Mass, Confession and Rosary

Being the goal to ignite the faith of the parishioners and unite them ever more to Our Lord through the sure intercession of Our Lady, many sacraments and devotions were offered daily by the Heralds of the Gospel.
Each day would begin with a morning Mass, followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the main altar. The Adoration would go all the way through the evening, concluding with the recitation of the Holy Rosary and Benediction.
Also, confessions were available daily and throughout each day, morning to evening.

Coronation & Consecration

Mass with Coronation

After the week full of graces and blessings, the apex of the mission arrived.

A Mass, full of splendor, announces that the mission has ended. But in it, the consecration of the Parish is symbolically represented through the solemn crowning of the Pilgrim Statue.

After processing the Pilgrim Statue throughout the Church and given the last words of thanksgiving, all the families had the opportunity to venerate up close the Queen of their Parish.