Marian Mission in Christ Cathedral

From January 28 to February 2, the Pilgrim Statue visited the Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, California. Throughout the week, a variety of devotions and activities were realized with all three communities of the Cathedral, English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

You have touched me, and I ardently desire your peace.

People venerating Pilgrim Statue- Christ Cathedral

Being the sweetest of Mothers, Mary Most Holy finds no obstacle to reach her children. It is thus that in a Marian Mission, Christ Cathedral had the presence of the Pilgrim Statue.

Daily throughout the Mission, Marian talks were given, Marian devotions were done, the Pilgrim Statue visited the homes and the priests of the Heralds of the Gospel were always available for the Sacraments.

All these as a means for Our Blessed Mother to touch and enkindle the hearts of the faithful to seek with more fervor and grow intimately united with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

De Maria, numquam satis.

Based on St. Bernard’s words, it is impossible to satisfy a person’s desire for more about Our Blessed Mother, “About Mary, never enough”.

Seeking to attend this appeal or initiate a marian devotion, a series of marian talks were given at the Cathedral.

The talks explained essential aspects of a Marian devotion.
First, was a summarized explanation of the True Devotion to Our Blessed Mother, knowing well that not everything that shines is gold. The second talk described the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima and how to attend to her message. Thirdly, the most Marian of devotions, the Holy Rosary, its value and benefits. Lastly, another insignia of Marian devotions, the Scapular.

The Holy Rosary was also recited every day at the Cathedral. And on Thursday, after the respective talk, there was an imposition of the Scapular for all those who wanted.

All these activities and devotions were done in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Honored with a visit from the mother of my Lord.

Pilgrim Statue visiting the homes- Christ Cathedral Marian Mission (61)

A unique aspect of the Marian Mission by the Heralds of the Gospel is the visit to the homes with Our Blessed Mother.

Prior to and on the first day of the Marian Mission, the families of Christ Cathedral had the opportunity to request a visit of the Pilgrim Statue. After receiving close to 300 requests, Our Lady began her pilgrimage throughout Orange, Garden Grove and Anaheim.

The visits were short but full of blessings. In them, the family would pray together, seeking Mary Most Holy’s infallible intercession.

Above all, the Pilgrim Statue’s presence within the home was an incentive for the families to trust evermore in Our Blessed Mother’s maternal love and care for each one.

The visits would go throughout the day, stopping just to have the Pilgrim Statue present at Christ Cathedral for the Holy Masses.

And to surprise the faithful, one of the priests of Christ Cathedral, Fr. Juan Navarro, also accompanied the Pilgrim Statue in the visits.

The Pilgrim Statue visited the homes not only to console, she was also inviting all her children to participate fully in the Marian Mission.

Queen of Christ Cathedral

Additionally to the devotions and visits, the faithful of Christ Cathedral had an easy availability of the Sacraments.

The priests of the Heralds of the Gospel would not only celebrate daily Holy Mass at the Cathedral. Every day they would be available for confession, throughout the day. Extending up to more than 9 hours of confession every day.

The whole Marian Mission, was a preparation for Christ Cathedral and the families to consecrate their community to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This solemn act was then symbolized by the crowning of the Pilgrim Statue as Queen of Christ Cathedral and the hearts of the faithful.