Heralds of the Gospel is an international private association of the Christ’s faithful of pontifical right present in more than seventy countries.

Comprised of various forms of consecrated life, it strives daily to bring the message of the Gospel to all men, but especially to young people, by touching their hearts by means of beauty “that will save the world.”

The Order

Today our religious family includes two societies of apostolic life of pontifical right: one for clerics (Virgo Flos Carmeli) and the other for women (Regina Virginum).



The Great Return

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the Creator made the universe according to the exitus-reditus scheme: creatures left God’s hands (exitus) in order to return to Him (reditus). In the Old

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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Converted by the Beauty of the Church

The conversion process, at once sublime and spectacular, of a great French writer demonstrates the perpetuity and power of the graces emanating from the Holy Church, capable of attracting souls to sanctity.

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Dona Lucilia

Excellent Educator, Loving Mother

Elevation and sweetness are two qualities that the modern mentality sees as mutually exclusive; someone who loves the sublime will tend to be unapproachable and severe. However, Dona Lucilia was an example of the opposite.

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Like Grains of Sand?

There are beautiful aspects of sand that merit attention. However, one particular detail of its constitution can be a starting point to reflect on certain attitudes we adopt.

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Mission & Activities

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About Our Founder

Monsignor João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, E.P.,
an honorary canon of the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome, is the founder of the international private association of Christ’s faithful of pontifical right Heralds of the Gospel, of the clerical society of apostolic life, Virgo Flos Carmeli, and of the society of apostolic life for women, Regina Virginum.

msgr joao cla dias ep


Heralds of the Gospel Magazine

Heralds of the Gospel magazine is currently published in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian.

With over a million copies printed each month, distribution extends to every country on the American continents, as well as numerous countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

New Insights on the Gospels


7 Volume Collection

“What a remarkable movement is the Heralds! I spent my time this afternoon at JFK airport and my flight back to Pittsburgh reading New Insights- with great profit and excitement. I am so impressed by Msgr. Scognamiglio’s profound insight into Scripture as well as the spiritual wisdom that he communicates so clearly.”

Dr. Scott Hahn – Fr. Scanlan, Chair of Biblical Theology and New Evangelization – Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, USA.

Heralds Worldwide

Heraldos del Evangelio (Spanish)

Arautos do Evangelho (Portuguese)

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