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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

A Gate of Heaven Opened for the World

Those who visit the Rue du Bac Chapel in Paris, where Our Lady appeared, feel enveloped by an intense feeling of peace, of calm and open skies, as if there were no obstacles between earth and blessed eternity.

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Mary Most Holy

Consecrated to the Service of the Temple

The little Mary was radiant with joy to know that She would be consecrated to God’s service that day. Her presentation, like an immaculate offering made by Joachim in the hands of Simeon, cried out for the coming of the awaited Messiah.

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How Did the Bible Come Down To Us?

The originals have not been conserved, nor many of the subsequent copies, of the 73 books of the Bible. Then how did the Word of God contained within them come down to us intact?

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