Saint Joseph Novena, Day 5

Day 5- The man with the wisdom and purity to govern God and Mary!

We can imagine Saint Joseph holding the Divine Infant in his arms, and later giving answers, advice and even orders to both Mother and Son. How humble, wise and pure he must have been – a simple human being — to teach God Himself!

Novena Prayer

(Msgr. João Clá Dias, EP)

Oh, St. Joseph, chosen to be the most chaste Spouse of Mary and Father of the Child Jesus, and to be raised to the position of Patriarch of the Holy Church!

Thou, who suffered tremendous perplexities, seest that I am treading the same path that Thou didst tread, for I am too am on this earth to be tested.

How many perplexities and afflictions lie before me?

By the merits of the perfection with which Thou didst face all perplexities, most especially that of the loss of the Child Jesus for three days, I beseech Thee: in my afflictions, give me the peace, the serenity, the tranquility and the confidence in God shown by Thee in those moments. Amen.

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