Fragrance Rising to my Throne

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One day in the novitiate, when the Novice Mistress sent me to work in the children’s kitchen, I was very worried, as I couldn’t manage with the cooking pots, because they were huge. The most difficult thing was draining the potatoes; sometimes I dropped half of them. At midday, as I was examining my conscience, I complained to God of my failing strength. Then I heard these words in my soul: “From today on you’ll have no difficulty at all with it. I shall reinforce your strength.”

St. Faustina Kowalska photographed in 1929

In the evening, when it was time to drain the potatoes, I was the first one there, confident in the words of the Lord. I had no trouble with lifting the pot and managed to drain off the water quite easily. But when I lifted the lid to let the steam out, instead of potatoes, I saw sprays of indescribably beautiful red roses in the pot. I’d never seen any like them before. I was very surprised by this and could not understand what it meant, but just then I heard the voice in my soul saying: “I am turning your work into bouquets of the most beautiful flowers, and their fragrance is rising up to My throne.”

From that time on I did my best to be the one who drained the potatoes, not only in the week when I was scheduled to do the cooking, but also to do the draining for the sisters when it was their week on cooking duty. I tried also to be the first to help, not only with this job, but also with other difficult tasks, as I’d seen how much it pleased God.

Words of Our Lord to St. Faustina,
taken from her “Diary”, n.65

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