Virgo Flos Carmeli

The Clerical Society of Apostolic Life Virgo Flos Carmeli is comprised of members of the Heralds of the Gospel who have received the call to the priesthood after dozens of years of community life. It aims at a further blossoming of evangelizing activity, as outlined in Article Three of its statutes:

“The Society is born as an expression of the charism of the Association Heralds of the Gospel, with the specificity of the priestly vocation, and expresses the intention of acting in unity of method and aim with the same association, particularly that the faithful, who feel attracted to this charism—especially those living in community—may receive ministerial assistance” (Perfectae Caritatis 10).

There are also some members in this society, who without embracing the priestly vocation, have collaborated in its charism and mission for years in the various activities of apostolic and community life.