The Heralds of the Gospel carries out a wide range of missionary, charitable and educational activities throughout the world, as an international association of the Catholic Church. These activities include such projects as the construction of churches, schools, seminaries and social centers.

One of the primary purposes of the Heralds of the Gospel Foundation, Inc. is to award grants and donations for charitable, religious, educational, cultural, scientific or benevolent organizations or foundations, whether formed in the United States or abroad, especially for projects related to the evangelizing mission of the International Private Association of Christ’s Faithful of Pontifical Right, Heralds of the Gospel.

In furtherance of its educational goals, the Foundation also organizes and sponsors educational and cultural activities, meetings, panels, events, speeches and forums that promote the interdisciplinary study and dissemination of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Tax-deductible contributions to Heralds of the Gospel Foundation are used for these activities as well as other evangelizing projects.