Unrivalled Maternal Love

With two thousand years of Christianity behind us, we have little idea of the innovation that Our Lord Jesus Christ’s teaching represented in His time. Considering man in his innermost being—that is, his relationship with the Creator—we see that the pagan gods of Antiquity were often portrayed as implacable judges and tormentors of humanity. Such …

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The Soft Twilight of a Long and Beautiful Life

Dona Lucilia cast a glance filled with sweetness, serenity and kindness over her long past. She had lived, suffered, and struggled with all of life’s adversities, without holding grudges, and without bitterness. Her death marked the end and the summit of a peaceful and unwavering ascension. Providence reserved the harshest trial of Dona Lucilia’s existence …

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Saint Joan of Arc

The Church is in Constant Combat

Having begun with the life of Our Most Holy Redeemer, the combat under the standard of the Cross will only cease at the end of time. Today, more than ever, the strength of the wicked depends on the cowardice of the good, and the power of satan’s reign lies in the weakness of Christians.